10 Clapback Responses on Police Brutality

Response: “I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me.”

I’m just going to respond as thoughts come to my mind in regards to Professor Sunil Dutta’s article entitled, “I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me.”

1. Police brutality and genocide is no misleading tale of American history. Tell the damn truth. 

A teenager is fatally shot by a police officer; the police are accused of being bloodthirsty, trigger-happy murderers; riots erupt. This, we are led to believe, is the way of things in America.

Believing that cops are “bloodthirsty” and “trigger-happy murderers” is no leading assumption in America. Police brutality and genocide, particularly in America and particularly against Black Americans, is nothing new. People aren’t led to believe anything that your colleagues across the nation don’t make to be true.

2. How much ‘authority’ do you really think you have, sir?

Protect and serve.

Yep, I think that’s about it. And when cops begin to realize they have limited power over the actions of others, they turn into cowards behind their guns, batons, bombs and pepper pray.  And more human, and less godly – so to speak. I believe we are citizens to ourselves. We don’t owe police officers anything. Not respect. Not trust. Not “niceness” – not anything simply because you wear a badge.

3. Don’t challenge my human rights. And I won’t challenge your ‘authority.’  

Working the street, I can’t even count how many times I withstood curses, screaming tantrums, aggressive and menacing encroachments on my safety zone, and outright challenges to my authority.

The problem with your “authority” is that it’s been abused and used has an excuse for why police officers aren’t being prosecuted and taken to JAIL for murdering and beating innocent people. And not admitting to using stereotypes and little information to justify suspicion.


Because no one should have to be beaten until bones and skulls are broken and cracked in the presence of between 5-20 cops on site for one individual, or until their ultimate death. What makes you think you have that choice for anyone’s life in the first place?. ..Because you’re… a cop? And “officers are rarely at fault.” I don’t think that’s a valid statement,

Regardless of what happened with Mike Brown, in the overwhelming majority of cases it is not the cops, but the people they stop, who can prevent detentions from turning into tragedies.

Regardless of what happened with Trayvon Martin?
Regardless of what happened with Timothy Russell?
Regardless of what happened with Kimani Gray?
Regardless of what happened with Kendrec McDade?
Regardless of what happened with Alfred Wright?
Regardless of what happened with Eric Garner
Regardless of what happened with Sean Bell
Regardless of what happened with Jordan Davis
Regardless of what happened with Oscar Grant
Regardless of what happened with Ervaeua Ronchelle Herring?
Regardless of what happened with Marlene Pinnock?

Did you really mean regardless of the FACTS?

And on that note, cops are cowards to stand around and just do what they are told at the expense of their occupation and status. Nobody is stopping to fight for justice. You all are blind mice; following orders but can’t see the damage that you are causing our communities and families.

How do you expect people to react when you abuse your authority not ONCE, not TWICE, not TWICE times a million but throughout HISTORY?!

5. You want me to leave my anger at home, huh?

Save your anger for later, and channel it appropriately.

Police brutality and social injustices are become apart daily life. You folks may be experts at suppressing the truth, but we aren’t. It’s in our face. It finds us in our homes. And never escapes our thoughts at night.

There is no escaping. There is no convenient time to face police brutality. We cannot wait for congressmen or civil rights organizations release statements on behalf of our dead men and women. We’d be equally coward if  we “saved” our anger until a “later.” Why not now?

Clearly, tomorrow is not promised.

6. Valid point. Your safety is just as important.

Show some empathy for an officer’s safety concerns. Don’t make our job more difficult than it already is.

But here’s the thing, you’ve got a gun, a baton, a taser, handcuffs and that wonderful policing uniform that reads safety all over it. This isn’t about you coming across “belligerent” people. This isn’t about how to catch bad guys. This isn’t how to approach a police officer. This isn’t about why police officers defend themselves. No.

7. This is about police officers killing innocent people.

This is about police officers intentionally using excessive military force in our neighborhoods and streets to fight off protests that are meaningful to the well being of society. And without thought or suspicion (because that’s what cops do.; linger and suspect crime) your intentions and desire for justice is to”CONTROL EVERY ENCOUNTER.”

Real life is different. An average cop is always concerned with his or her safety and tries to control every encounter. That is how we are trained.

You’re right. You ARE trained. Don’t they teach you that murders GO TO JAIL. How come your “trigger-happy murderder” cops friends aren’t doing their time in jail? I mean, surely,  You are trained to assume and suspect the worst – which is understandable in most cases. You need to also be and feel protected – I get it. I really do – up until protecting yourself means killing innocent people.

8. Gotta address this one.

If you don’t want to get shot, tased, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground, just do what I tell you. Don’t argue with me, don’t call me names, don’t tell me that I can’t stop you, don’t say I’m a racist pig, don’t threaten that you’ll sue me and take away my badge. Don’t scream at me that you pay my salary, and don’t even think of aggressively walking towards me.

Just do what you.. TELL ME? Just because you’re used to DOING WHAT YOU’RE TOLD, doesn’t WE HAVE TO DO THE SAME. Last time I checked, that’s not your job to tell me what to do. Just think if I needed a ride home on a late night, you couldn’t help (even though, you PROTECT and serve.) So…

What if an argument is called for – which there is all over the world?
What about my freedom of speech, anyway?
What if you are a racist pig? Nobody likes a racist.
How threatened are you by an unarmed citizen to beat me until I surrender?
But..we DO pay your salary, sir?
To sue you is a legal threat, not a deadly threat. Right?
If you’re not aggressive with me, no need for me to be aggressive you.

We’ve (Black Americans) have been called names for centuries, and still do this day. Get off your POWER TRIP and #StopBitchin.

9. You said nothing about people wanting JUSTICE.

How is this article calling for a demand of justice? How are you contributing to society? And I’m talking about for ALL people, and not just your White (or maybe not White) counterparts who are getting away with murder.  The justice system you speak of is systematically supporting the murders and killings of innocent people caused by police.

I can’t help but believe that cops are cowards to stand around and just do what they are told at the expense of their occupation and status. Nobody is stopping to fight for justice. I mean fighting with us; with the people who are fighting from their loved ones’ graves for justice to be served. You all are blind mice; following orders but can’t see the damage that you are causing our communities and families.

We need to wake up and put social injustices and inequalities to rest – together. Can you handle that “challenge,”  Professor Dutta?

10. And…

PS. Obviously, there are cops whom you know nothing about and not directly affiliated with outside of the workplace or on the job. But once a clan, always a klan.

This is an opinionated response to this article. Thanks for reading.